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Glass Sculpture Studio

1122 57th Avenue,  Oakland, CA  94621

tel. (510) 533-8528     fax (510) 533-8526

Selected Resumé


M.F.A.                    California College of Arts and Crafts, 1987

B.A.                        American History, Porter College, UC Santa Cruz, 1973


Recent Award

            National Science Foundation, Antarctica Travel Grant for Artist and Writers 2006


Selected Exhibitions

“Antarctica: Collected Works from the Bottom of the World.” Maryland Science Center, Baltimore 2009

                “Sticks and Stones” Traver Gallery Seattle 2008

Glass  Alliance of New Mexico, Henningsen Fine Arts, Taos, New Mexico 2008

“Light Markers”  Oakland Museum at City Center, Gallery 555, 2006

                “Internal Life” William Traver Gallery, Seattle WA, solo show 2005

                “Introspective,”  Alysia Duckler Gallery, Portland OR, solo show  2004

                “Liquid Connections”  Joyce Gordon Gallery, Oakland, CA, solo show   2004     

                Thai-American Art Exchange Project, Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand 2002

“Being There: 45 Oakland Artists,”  Oakland Museum, CA   2002

“Hot & Cool: Contemporary Glass Works”.  Touring show:  J.Wayne Stark University Center Gallery, College Station Texas, 1999;  Tyler Museum of Art, Tyler, Texas, 1999-2000;  Zanesville Art Center, Zanesville Ohio, 2000;  Arts and Science Center for Southeast Arkansas, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, 2000;  Arts Midland Gallery, Midland, Michigan, 2001;               Metropolitan State College, Denver, Colorado, 2001

                “The Quality of Glass:  Heat and Light,” Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz, CA 1999

                Galerie Brulée, Strasbourg, France 1997

                “L'Chaim!”  The Jewish Museum San Francisco, CA 1997       

                “The Art Of Light and Glass”, Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek, CA 1996

                “Four Sculptors in Glass”, Oakland Museum Sculpture Court, Oakland, CA 1994              

                “Form Content Matter”, California Polytechnic University Art Gallery, San Luis Obispo, CA 1994

                “Contemporary Cast Glass”, San Francisco Craft and Folk Art Museum, CA 1994           

                Solo Exhibition, Silica Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA 1993

                “International Exhibition of Glass”  Kanazawa, Japan 1992

                “Verre, Grandeur, Nature”,  Parc Fleury, sponsored by Ville de Paris, France  1989

                Solo Exhibition, Galerie D.M. Sarver, Paris, France 1989



            David Ruth, The Mood of Nature, Art of Glass magazine, Glass Art Committee, China Craft Council, 2007

                David Ruth, Suspended in Glass, Nathan Grover, World Art Glass Quarterly, Fall 2006

                Internal Life David Ruth Cast Glass Sculpture, 44 pages, 2005

                This Side Up:  Internal Brush Strokes, by David Wagner,  No22, Summer 2003

U.S.Glass Magazine, “Beyond the Imagination”, May, 1999

                Le Monde:  “Eloge de la Transparence”, May 5, 1988 Paris

L'Atelier des Metiers d'Art  “Nebulas”, No. 129, June 1988; “Le Marcheur de Feu”, No. 116, March 1987

                Techniques  of Kiln-Formed Glass  by Keith Cummings,  1997               





David Ruth, 2006 Revised Resume –Page 2                


Public Collections

                National Science Foundation, Palmer Station, Antarctica

Porter College, University of California at Santa Cruz

                Musée du Verre, Sars Poteries, France

                Glasmuseum, Ebeltoft, Denmark

                Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, New York

                Oakland Museum, California

                Noto Jima Glass Museum, Japan

                City of Oakland, California

                City of Walnut Creek, California

                City of San Jose, California


Private Collections

                George and Dorothy Saxe, San Francisco, CA

Ping and Jen Sung, San Francisco, CA

                Bob and Jan Bisno, Beverly Hills, CA

                Jerry and Judy Rose, Atherton, CA

                Yves and Marie Feunteun, Paris, France

                Alexandre and Marine Asseraf, France

                Kristin Newton, Tokyo, Japan

                Wolfgang Puck and Barbara Lazaroff, Malibu, CA

                John and Connie Newnes, Wollengong, Australia

                Dean and Gerda Koontz, Newport Coast, CA

                Foster Goldstrom, Oakland, CA

                Suze Orman

                Walt Disney Imagineering

                Ann and Gordon Getty

                Buttercup Foundation, Clayton, CA


Public Art Commissions

                “Tanana” Fairbanks International Airport, Alaska 2009

Wind in the Willows” Willow Glen Branch Public Library, San Jose, CA 2008 

                “Cloud Dreaming”  Oregon Health Sciences University, Patient Care Facility 2008

                Emergency Operation Center, , Oakland, CA.  Entranceway Glass Panels, 1999


Private Commissions

                Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai, 2 Sculptures, 2009

Levuka Fountain, City Place, Santa An, CA 2008

                Takaroa Fountain, Green Hill Tower, San Francisco, CA 2004

                Tokyo DisneySea, Japan, Tongatapu Glass Mural, 2000

Eliza’s Restaurant, San Francisco, CA., Countertop, Homage à Matisse, Waves  1999

                Sunset Magazine Idea House, Cupertino, CA., Glass shelf, 1999

Benaroya Symphony Hall, Seattle, WA, Cast glass urns and lighting, 1998

                Private Sculpture Garden, Atherton, CA, Kiribati, cast Pyrex glass sculpture, 1998


Gallery Representatives

            Galerie DM Sarver, Paris

                William Traver Gallery, Seattle

                Micaela Gallery, San Francisco

                Joyce Gordon Gallery, Oakland


Revised January 2009

These latest sculptures represent an advance in my thinking about how glass can interact with the environment.  I had long been an observer of the interior of the glass body.  A few years ago I discovered how to use the tough-to work Pyrex material as a medium.  This allowed me to put the pieces outside for the first time with the confidence that they would stand up to the extremes of the weather, hot and cold.


The way the sunlight can play on the pieces can overwhelm all the other aspects of the sculpture, the form, color, texture and internal space, which had been my preoccupation before.  The sculpture becomes a reference to the day, the sun and the time.  You can actually watch the sun move across the piece; the motion is that noticeable.


Earlier pieces have a reference to interior space.  This is not negative space, but rather an alternative space where painting can occur in three dimensions and the law of gravity does not apply:  The color stays where I originally put it.  Every thing about those pieces brings your eye inwards.  The bubbles, the color and the light all serve to direct your gaze inside to the interior space of the glass.  I like to think it is an interior view into my mind.


All these sculptures are made from little bits of glass that I either find, buy or make hot in a furnace.  A lot of what I do is actually painting with hot glass.  I trail out the colors on the table and bury the pieces in a pile of clear glass chunks.  The blocks are then fused together in the heat and polished so you can see in.  Quite literally, the interior is built up from scraps of glass until it contains a reference to the whole universe.


Cast Glass and Stainless steel
10-feet highest

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