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Patricia A. Montgomery has created paintings, sculpture and installations for national and international exhibitions. She received her Masters of Fine Arts from John F. Kennedy University.  In 2002, Patricia collaborated with Daniel Galvez, muralist to complete a commission public art project for the African-American Museum and Library in Oakland, California.  The artists created new work that integrates traditional mural painting with design and pattern elements of contemporary African American quilt-making.  Patricia created a quilt using batiks, hand dyed and gold stamped West African pattern fabric in a contemporary version of the quilt pattern known as “The Log Cabin” which ran through the murals.  This quilt is apart of the African-American Museum and Library’s collections.  The project was titled “A Journey of Promise” which honors the achievements of African American living in Northern California.


Her current works, “Syncopation” are abstract textiles that are characteristic of African American quilts.  In 2008, the art quilt titled “Syncopation IV” received the 3D Group Award from the Palos Verdes Art Center in California.  This quilt odd shape and bright colors celebrates laughter and the joy of being alive.

Patricia current works, “Syncopation” are abstract textiles that are characteristic of African American quilts.  These characteristics include vivid color palettes, strong contrasting color combinations, asymmetrical and strip piecing.   The design and development of this series is based on color, texture and rhythm.  Batiks, hand dyed and Ethnic fabrics create the colorful strip pieced surfaces along with the many layers of free motion thread scribbles and decorative stitches that dance rhythmically across this colorful surface.  These contemporary African American quilts would provide a colorful celebration of the human spirit and community.


                                “Syncopation I: Winter 05” is a strip pieced quilt with seed stitching that tells the story about my first winter in New York and temporarily living in my sister’s basement.  This period of time was filled with many questions.  The slow hand sewing of colorful seed stitches throughout forced me to search within for the answers.  This quilt represents the courage to change, stop questioning the past and accept the present.  “Syncopation II: Spring 07” represents new beginnings and promise.  The strong diagonals of various fabrics and colors symbolize drum beats.  The thread scribbling are the musical instruments that creates the dance music.  The continue quilts in this series are rich in color, texture and celebrates the rhythms of life. In 2008, the art quilt titled “Syncopation IV” received the 3D Group Award from the Palos Verdes Art Center in California. 

oil Pastels on Fabric Thread Painting
30" x 38.5"
Strip Piecing Thread Painting
38" x 38"
Strip Piecing Thread Painting with buttons and yarn
28.5" x 56"
Mixed Media Fabric Collage with digital images and words
37" x 33.5
Strip Piecing Thread Painting
41" x 43"

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